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In 2019, SLGL is once again a member of the Southern Division of the Intersuburban Golf League (IGL) of Chicago.

In 2018, Springbrook was a member of the Western Division and now after restructuring by the IGL, we are back in the Southern Division.  Divisions were restored back to the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western.

The other teams in the southern division are Cog Hill Women, Cog Hill Highlanders, Coyote Run, Fox Bend, Glen Eagles, Naperbrook and Tamarack Golf Clubs.

Springbrook will compete in 7 matches along with the Killinger-Fassett Tournament to be hosted by
Coyote Run 
this year on July 29, 2019

Each division winner will advance to a playoff to compete for overall Chicago District Champion.  
The playoffs will be held at Bittersweet in Gurnee, IL on August 5th, 2019.

SLGL also belongs to the Northern Illinois Women's Golf Association (NIWGA) which sponsors outside tournaments open to golfers with established handicaps.  Look for tournaments to be posted here on our website.

Our team has been very successful in the past …
Southern Division Winners:
2012, 2011, 2008, 2005, 2002, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1996, 1995 and 1992

Chicago District Champions:
1992, 1995, 2000, 2008, 2012

Team Captain

Sheri Maag


Diane Parpet

Handicap Limit for Team Play is 32







kf day 2017
KF Day 2017

Final Standings

Springbrook - 211

Fox Bend - 208
Gleneagles -  191.5
Cog Hill Women - 188
Tamarack - 186
Naperbrook - 180
Coyote Run - 176.5
Highlanders - 171

2019 Team Match Schedule

Week 1
- May 17
Naperbrook @ Springbrook: 23-31
Coyote Run @ Gleneagles: 25-29
Tamarack @ Fox Bend: 24-30
Highlanders @ Cog Hill Women: 20-34

Week 2 - May 31
Tamarack @ Springbrook: 21.5-32.5
Gleneagles @ Highlanders: 28-26

Cog Hill Women @ Coyote Run:  28-26
Naperbrook @ Fox Bend:  28.5-25.5

Week 3 - June 7
Springbrook @ Highlanders:  30-24
Fox Bend @ Coyote Run: 29.5-24.5

Gleneagles @ Naperbrook: 30.5-23.5
Cog Hill Women @ Tamarack: 20.5-33.5

Week 4 - June 14
Springbrook @ Gleneagles:  31-23
Coyote Run @ Naperbrook: 23-31
Cog Hill Women @ Fox Bend: 23.5-30.5
Tamarack @ Highlanders: 26.5-27.5

Week 5 - June 21
Coyote Run @ Springbrook: 20-34
Fox Bend @ Highlanders - 28.5-25.5

Gleneagles @ Cog Hill Women: 28.5-25.5
Naperbrook @ Tamarack: 26.5-27.5

Week 6 - June 28
Cog Hill Women @ Springbrook: 22-32
  Fox Bend @ Gleneagles: 30.5-23.5
Coyote Run @ Tamarack: 26-28

Highlanders @ Naperbrook: 26-28

Week 7 - July 12
Springbrook @ Fox Bend: 20.5-33.5
Tamarack @ Gleneagles: 25-29
Highlanders @ Coyote Run: 22-32
Naperbrook @ Cog Hill Women: 19.5-34.5

Rain Dates: May 24, June 29, July 5, July 19 
as mutually agreed by both teams

July 29, 2019  Killinger-Fassett @ Coyote Run in Flossmoor, IL

Division Playoff: Bittersweet Golf Club in Gurnee, IL on August 5th, 2019

IGL Guidelines for Captains and Co-Captains

It is the responsibility of the current captain to select a new captain, who should then be trained by the experienced captain.  
When choosing a new captain, the following guidelines should be considered:

The candidate should have served as a co-captain
They must have IGL longevity experience.
Candidates should demonstrate integrity, loyalty, honesty and good sportsmanship.

Captains and Co-Captains may solicit a new member when necessary.  
The team should consist of at least 12 members.
In the event the team does not have 6 golfers available for a match, captains may select a golfer from the Springbrook league with an eligible handicap to fill in for that match.

IGL Team Member Guidelines
Team member handicaps need to convert to a 32 or lower at the course to be played.
Team members need to follow USGA Rules and Regulations.
Team Members need to be willing to travel to matches and various tournaments.
Teams members must post all 9 hole and 18 hole scores during the season.
All team match scores must be posted as a T (tournament) score.
Teams members must display good sportsmanship and integrity while representing the Springbrook Golf League.


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