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All kinds of new rules went into effect for 2019!

Download the summary from the USGA explaining what was changed.


- The first three tee times help to set the pace so please do not sign up for one of those early times unless you can keep up with the fast pace.

- You and your group must keep up with the group in front of you.

- If you are struggling on a hole(s), please consider "x-ing" out or picking up and taking the maximum number of strokes allowed by your handicap.

- Consider riding instead of walking - every minute counts. (Remember the back nine plays longer.)

- Be ready to putt.

- Send two players ahead to tee off while others finish the hole.

- On Hole #4 do not drive the carts back over the bridge near the tee. This prevents the next group from teeing off. Drive around the back of the hole.

- Please keep your stop at the half-way house to five minutes.

- Play READY GOLF when not in a tournament.

- Go directly to your ball if it is not in the line of another golfer's ball. Take your cart with you!

- Don't spend more than 3 minutes looking for a ball.

- Place your bag/cart somewhere toward the next tee.

- You may continue to putt out if you are not in anyone else's line

2020 SLGL Local Rules:
New  Local Rule:  Hole #11, the unstaked area beyond the water has now been designated as a red stake penalty area for our league only.  Follow the options available for red staked areas.

SLGL Local Rules:

    Picking up, or X-ing out of a hole will disqualify the player from that week's SLGL weekly events and tournaments, with the exception of match play.  

    If you do X out of a hole:  For weekly events and tournaments, you should take your maximum score allowed on the hole based on your handicap when posting your score. 

    Abnormal Fairway Conditions - allowance for lift, clean and place
    If, while playing in your fairway, the lie of your ball is affected by abnormal conditions (the grey leaf spot turf affecting some fairways at Springbrook), as agreed upon by your playing partners, you may lift, clean and place the ball.  The allowance will remain in effect until further notice.

    HOLE #10 -- Provisional Ball on #10
    If you are unsure if your ball entered the penalty area OR cleared the penalty area off the tee, you may hit a provisional ball.

    1). If your ball is found in the penalty area, your provisional ball is no longer a useable ball.
    You must take the appropriate penalty/procedure:  either playing the ball as it lies with no penalty; or 1 stroke and distance; or 1 stroke and drop the ball within 2 club lengths of where the ball last crossed the penalty area, either side no closer to the hole; or 1 stroke and drop the ball as far back as desired on a line where the ball crossed the margin of the penalty area and the flag stick

    2) if your ball is not located, it is considered a lost ball and you must take appropriate penalty/procedure: 1 stroke and distance - using your provisional ball.

    HOLE #11
    The area in question is the long grass along the fence after the pond on the left. The margin of the water hazard hooks around the south end of the hazard and extends to the fence. There is a stake attached to the fence that indicates the end of the hazard. The long grass along the fence from that point going around the back of the green is played as through the green. If your ball ends up in this grass it must be played as it lies. Players should play a provisional ball if the ball lands in the long grass in case their ball is lost.

    If the ball cannot be found, the player must proceed under a lost ball penalty. If they played a provisional ball, then the provisional ball becomes the ball in play. If a provisional ball was not played, the player must replay from their last position.

    If the ball is found and cannot be played, the player may elect to take an unplayable lie penalty.

    There are 3 options for an unplayable lie:
    1.  Replay from the last position.
    2.  Drop their ball within two clubs lengths, no closer to the hole, from where their ball lies.
    3.  Drop their ball in line from the ball's lie and the flaqstick going back as far as they want.

Dues and Fees

Annual dues will be determined by a vote of the membership at the Winter Board Meeting. Members who join after July 1 will pay 75% of league dues plus the computer handicap fee.

No refunds will be given after July 1.
Prior to July 1, refunds will be 50% of basic membership dues. The computer handicap is not refundable. Money for Skins and Chip-Ins will not be refunded.

New members with established (USGA certified) handicaps may compete for daily events and in tournaments. New members with no handicap may play on league days but may not compete until a certified handicap is established.

The league conforms with the USGA rules changes put in place in 2020, where league members must play to a 54 maximum handicap for all league tournaments and events.

A handicap book will be available on league day to post the day's adjusted score. The course pro will enter weekly scores in the computer.

Each golfer must post all golf scores, league and non-league, into the CDGA handicapping system. Golfers are required to adjust the score you post following current USGA handicap guidelines for maximum strokes posted on a hole.  NOTE: League scores will be posted into the CDGA handicap system by the pro shop for players who denote their home course as Springbrook.  For golfers who denote a course other than Springbrook as their home course with the CDGA , they must post their own league scores into the system.

Standards of Everyday Play
The current edition of USGA rules will be followed, modified only by local rules. Winter rules are never played within the league.
If a rules dispute occurs, play a provisional ball (after announcing your intention to do so) and let the Rules Committee settle the question afterward.

All league days will be played as scheduled unless the course is closed by the golf pro or cancelled by the league chairman. In case of bad weather, the chairman can wait up to one hour after the first tee time to make her decision to play or cancel (tee times cannot be held by the pro all day). Members must be responsible to call or come to the course to find out. If a member assumes cancellation when there is none, that member forfeits. In most cases tee times will carry over to the following week. In case of play cancellation during tournaments, rain dates are scheduled. In case two days are rained out, three day tournaments are shortened to two days.

To ensure maximum utilization of the golf course, a $10 nonrefundable fine will be assessed to no-shows. Cancellations must be made no later than 7pm the night before league play. All league members will be allowed one violation before being charged. Consideration will be given on a case by case basis.

Players are to keep two score cards with four names on each card (USE FIRST AND LAST NAMES!).

[pre-PANDEMIC PROCEDURES:  The scorecards are to be put into the league briefcase after they have been dated and attested. Record putts on the scorecard and circle the adjusted score. Complete your flight sheet in the scoring notebook: hole-by-hole, gross, handicap, net, putts. Post your score on the event flight sheet, noting birdies and chip-ins at the bottom of that flight sheet. Post your adjusted score in the computer. If the score is from a tournament, use the computer entry to mark the score as a tournament.]

There are four flights: Championship, A, B, C.

Tee Times
SLGL play on Thursday mornings within the tee time assigned by the golf pro. Those playing outside the tee time schedule are not eligible to compete. Scores must be entered into the computer for handicapping purposes only.

There is one early tee time outside the regular schedule which is allocated for league members who need to play early due to work commitments. This is booked on a week to week basis. At least two league members must play together during all tee times so scores/cards can be attested.

Signup sheets are available in the pro shop the Thursday before play. A member may sign herself up and one other player only. You may not erase another member's name. Anyone caught signing up excess names and/or erasing another member's name will be placed in jeopardy of losing her league membership.

GUEST POLICY:  If a member brings a guest to play on play days:  A member may sign up and play with a guest for any tee time, up to twice a year.  Only two guests will be allowed per foursome.
Who is a guest? - Anyone who is not a current SLGL member will be considered to be a guest.

Points and Prizes
Money will be awarded for points at the end of the season. Points are earned weekly for each flights low gross, low net, events, birdies, tournaments and attendance.

Yearly prizes: flighted low gross average, flighted low net average, flighted low ringer score and flighted best putting average. You may win only one yearly prize.

To be eligible for year-end awards a member must have played in at least 50%, plus one, of the league days. Prize money will be distributed at the end of the season.

Hole-in-One Pot: $1 per member (taken from membership dues) is reserved for holes-in-one occurring during league play. The pot will be awarded at the fall awards event, divided among any and all holes-in-one. If no holes-in-one are made, the money will be added to the year-end point money. There will be no carryover of the money. SLGL is a non-profit organization and cannot let money accumulate. Interest equals taxes.

It is the responsibility of each golfer to know the Rules of Golf, the local rules of golf and the conditions under which tournaments are played.

All tournaments will be played as scheduled unless the course is closed by the golf pro or is cancelled by the chairman.

The Club Championship will be determined by the Board. Club Championship is a two day tournament and attendance points are awarded for both days. Birdies and chip-ins from both days are also recorded.

For the Club Championship and Match Play tournaments only: in case of a tie, "sudden death" playoffs (starting on the 1st hole) will determine the winner of tournaments.

Springbrook Golf Course "Keep Pace" Policy
Both Springbrook and Naperbrook will administer a strict and comprehensive Keep Pace Policy. This policy is designed to allow golfers to finish 18 holes in 4 hours and 28 minutes or less. The Professional Staff has developed an accurate time measurement for each hole based on its par. The total time allotted for each nine is 2 hours and 10 minutes with 8 minutes allowed at the turn. All groups are required to Keep Pace within the designated time frame. Any group that is more than 9 minutes behind the designated time frame will be approached by a Player's Assistant. The Player's Assistant will help the group for two holes to regain its position on the course. If a group cannot regain their position after two holes they may not be allowed to continue play from that point forward. A refund for the remainder of play will be issued at that time.

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