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Springbrook Golf Course
2220 W 83rd St
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Members sign-up for individual tee times:
Starting at 7:02 a.m. April, May and September through 9:00 or later
Beat the heat in June, July and August starting at 6:30 a.m.

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SLGL is a large league with approx. 80 golfers.
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Golf League Awards Dinner 2018

2018 League Champion: Marilyn Platte
Low Net Score Champion: Maria Barrios

Most Improved Player:  Maria Barrios

Monthly Attendance:  There were 924 18-hole rounds played
May: Average of 44 players 
June: 52 players
July: 36 players
August 36 players
September: 44  players
Only two rain out days - June 21 and September 6

Chip-ins:  There were 57 chip-ins, with 8 that went unpaid.  Chip-ins were worth $5.71 each.   
Most chip-ins:  Maita Griffin, Sheri Maag, Marilyn Roberto and Pam Schwer had 3 each    
Maria Barrios, Debra Edwards, Claire Goldenberg, Nadine Hummel, Lisa Korte, Gloria Krauss, Stacey Paras, Sun Rupp, Tina Spock and Becky Wilde each had 2 chip-ins 

Birdies: There were 212 birdies, an increase of 25, over last year's 187. Only hole #14 was not birdied.  
Hole #13 - had 51 birdies, which is an increase of 17 over last year.    
Hole #7 - had 31 and hole #4 had 20 .  
Holes  #2, #9, and #18 had 2 each
Both birdies on #2 were made by Nadine Hummel.  Lisa Korte and Sheri Maag made the two birdies on #9.  CJ Johnson and Leslie O'Malley made the two birdies on #18.  Three people birdied #15 - Nadine Hummel, Lisa Korte and Joanne Catani.  

A big birdie to acknowledge is the Eagle that Randy Borne had on #6 which she did not see go in and did not tell the group playing in front of her when she came up to return a club left at the green, because she wasn't aware of her achievement.  

 Most birdies: Marilyn Platte and Nadine Hummel had 14. CJ Johnson was close behind with 12.   
Lisa Korte had 4 birdies on #10 and on three of the days when she had a birdie on #10 she had multiple birdies.  She birdied #9 and #15, as well as #10 all on the same day. Obviously, Lisa likes the challenge of the harder holes as she did not even bother with #13.   
Deb Gerlach's birdies were scored # 5, # 8, # 5,# 8.  
Marilyn Platte and Sun Rupp were the only players to birdie all 4 par 3's ,although Janine Amoroso, Maria Barrios, Sandy Aument, Susie Butler, Nadine Hummel, Kathy Laubhan, Karen Palicka, Diane Parpet, and Tina Spock covered 3 of the 4.

Lastly, one threesome of golfers all had birdies on the same hole on the same day.  Joanne Catani had a long uphill putt, CJ Johnson had a downhill putt and Marilyn Platte had a sidehill/downhill putt to each make a birdie on  #7 on June 28th. 

Golfers with the lowest net scores for each month:
May - Becky Wilde 64
June - Maria Barrios  64
July  --  Maria Barrios   61
August - Maria Barrios 64
September - Pam Schwer 66

This is the first time a member has been low golfer for three months out of five.

Year End Awards


A Flight

B Flight

C Flight

D Flight

Low Gross:
Nadine Hummel, 85.210

Sheri Maag, 94.214

Marilyn Roberto, 98.857

Leslie O'Malley, 104.214

Mary Kay Slocumb,114.714

Low Net:
CJ Johnson, 71.8125

Karen Palicka, 73.222

Maria Barrios, 71.857

Carol Hilton, 74.923

Sue Butler, 75.75

Low Putts:
Kathy Laubhan, 34.688

Deb Gerlach, 33.364

Carol Morrison, 34.867

Pat Broggi, 35.70

Lisa Schneeman, 38.75

Low Ringer:
Lisa Korte, 64

Sandy Aument and
Diane Spang, 68

Becky Wilde, 71

Karen Haack, 78 

Maxine Johnson and Jeanne Rechenmacher, 90

Thanks to Sue Butler our president for all the work you did!
Many thanks also to Becky Wilde for the league's points tallying!

Year-End Event: Play Like the Pros!
Many thanks to Janine Amoroso, Yvonne Hall and Maxine Johnson for putting together our Year-End Event.
Congratulations to all the low gross and low net flight winners!  

Overall low gross was Kim Torp with a 69
Overall low net was Sue Butler with a 47

Championship Flight
Kim Torp - 69, low gross
Kathy Laubhan - 55, low net

Flight A
Karen Palicka - 71, low gross
Deb Gerlach - 50, low net

Flight B
Dana Tetti - 79, low gross
Kim o’Toole - 50, low net

Flight C
Lisa McDonald - 79, low gross
Rose St. Pierre - 48, low net

Flight D
Lisa Schneemann  - 83, low gross
Susan Butler - 47, low net

Most Eagles
Sheri Maag 1 -- Sun Rupp 1

Most Birdies
Kim Torp, 8
Tina Spock, 6
Kathy Laubhan, 6
Karen Palicka, 6

Most Pars
Kim O’Toole, 12
Deb Gerlach, 10
Dana Tetti, 10

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2018 Fees
2018 dues are $80. Members who join after July will pay $60. No refunds will be given after July 1st. Prior to July refunds will be 50% of basic membership. Refunds due to medical reasons may be given at any time. The handicap fee is $30 and is included in dues.
Springbrook golf course
Course Rating: 69.5, Slope: 124

League Dues + CDGA Handicap Fee

$50 + $30 = $80
Note: If already a current registered CDGA member, the league dues are just $50

Weekly Course Green Fees
(walking,with discount card*)
Age <59: $34.00

Weekly Course Green Fees
(walking,with discount card*)
Age +60: $23.00

Cart Rate 18 holes
$17 / $14
(with discount card)

9 hole cart: $10 both Srs & Jrs

Chip In Pot $5
(*Optional* one time fee)

Skins Games $22
(*Optional* one time fee)

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